Candidates for the 2019 Contract Committee

Bargaining 2019 – Candidate Statements for Contract Committee Election

At the last membership meeting, we closed nominations for 5 spots on the CUPE 2950 Contract Committee for 2019 bargaining. The following people have been nominated and have provided candidate statements:

  • Jaimie Miller (Library – Technical Services)

    • I have been a labour relations activist and involved in union advocacy for over 20 years, for CUPE 2950 and other unions. This work has included terms as union local membership chair, steward and chief steward, and bargaining committee member for both union and employer sides of the table. This is essential experience and gives a critically useful perspective, as proposals must be framed in a way that benefit both parties.  I’ve worked at UBC for 14 years, and supervise an engaged and expert group of people purchasing books for UBC Library. I have two school age children and know first hand the challenges of balancing being a full time parent and full time employee.

      I bring knowledge and experience in how the 2950 collective agreement is structured and administered, its strengths that need protecting at all cost, and weaknesses that must be improved upon. Knowledge of the collective agreement and its application within the context of broader labour legislation and employer policy, and how these are administered within the culture of UBC.

      Past successes include first and renewal agreements. I’m recently quite proud of a clause preventing the employer from withdrawing earned vacation. Before this clause, some managers and the employer didn’t protect an employee’s earned benefit, and believed it was simply a policy decision to grant vacation carryover, or not. We were able to get the employer to recognize their obligation to employees, and agree that an earned benefit cannot be withdrawn.

      I hope to continue to promote the interests of 2950 members, and enhance your rights and benefits through contract negotiations. I continue to advocate for maximum wage increases, flexibility in work hours, sport and health facility benefits for staff, vigorously defending the 2950 agreement, incorporating YOUR suggestions into bargaining proposals, and striving to enhance our agreement in every way. I ask that you help me by supporting my interest, energy and enthusiasm for working for YOUR interests through collective agreement bargaining.

  • Shehnaz Motani (Research Services)

    • I am a long time member of CUPE 2950 who has been active for many years at the local, provincial and national level on various CUPE committees, various equity/diversity committees at UBC and in the wider community.  My past involvement with contract negotiations have been as 2nd VP and contract chair (2002-2005 contract), as well as a rank and file member of the contract committee for several contracts including the past two.  I would like to bring my experience to the table and work towards getting the best contract possible for all our members despite the various pressures to weaken what is already one of the best CUPE contracts in the province.  I hope the membership will again choose me as a member of the contract negotiating committee.  I will do my best to continue to earn their trust.  Thank you.

  • Grace Lai (Education)

    • My name is Grace Lai and I work in the Faculty of Education in the Teacher Education Office. My recent participation at the BC Young Worker’s Camp has inspired me to take an active role in our union. I would like to be a voice for all CUPE 2950 members across campus, particularly young workers. There are many issues that impact our union’s members and being a part of the bargaining committee will allow me the chance to help you. We are more than employee numbers, so please vote for Grace!

  • Odette Rivers (Microbiology)

    • I have been a member of CUPE 2950 for the past 12 years and have grown to love the commitment and dedication of our administration staff. I am proud to be working for UBC which have been voted 2nd place by Post Media as the top 10 employers in BC as of February 2018.   Throughout my years working at UBC, I gained valuable skills both through successes and struggles that have shaped me into the employee I am today. Several reasons why UBC is voted in the top ranked employers is due to the great benefit plan, diverse workforce, opportunities to upgrade skills, support of  teaching, research and learning environments, social activities to name a few.  But there is always room for improvements.  There is also the need to continue to enhance the lives of our members outside the work place which will help increase overall satisfaction and productivity. Our contract committees worked diligently in the past and we greatly appreciate all the efforts.  So please give me a chance to represent and serve the continued interest of our members and to voice the main dilemmas to the leadership team. I hope you would consider placing your trust in me to address the concerns of our vibrant membership.  Thanks for your support and consideration.

  • Jack Lloyd (Financial Operations)

    • My name is Jack Lloyd and I’m a Senior Financial Processing Specialist at Central Finance. I graduated from UBC in 2015 and I’ve worked at UBC for just over two years. I want to be involved in the collective bargaining process because I am personally invested in seeing a greater return for the work we do to support the university. As with most of us I am feeling the pinch of significantly greater costs of living and stagnant wages. As a relatively new worker I see the consequences of our negotiations as having a significant effect on our livelihood throughout the course of our lives. There is uncertainty regarding whether many of us will be able to continue to live in the region if the current trends persist.  Not only is this a threat to our livelihood but also to the success of the university as a whole as the loss of talent would drastically impact the efficiency of operations.

    • My prior experience includes taking a university-level Labour Relations course with a simulated collective bargaining negotiation in which my team represented a union. I was able to gain valuable insight into the negotiation process and labour movement as a whole.

  • Chloe Martin-Cabanne (Chan Centre)

    • I became a member of CUPE 2950 as an undergraduate student in 2011, when I was hired as a Front of House Attendant at the Chan Centre. After graduating with a degree in Classical Studies, I took a couple more part-time jobs on campus, working at Wescadia Catering and Sage Restaurant to make ends meet. I was promoted to my current position as Operations Clerk at the Chan Centre in 2016. I am running as a candidate for the Contract Committee so that I can advocate for the Chan Centre Component of the Collective Agreement. I plan to address the wage gap between CUPE 2950 employees and industry standards, especially for Chan Centre employees, who are the lowest paid workers in the union. I want CUPE 2950’s part-time staff to feel represented, and will give a voice to their issues in the new contract.

  • Anisha Parmar (Medicine) (did not submit a statement)

  • Adam Huizinga (Robson Square)

    • I have been an employee at UBC for just under two years, working downtown at Robson Square. I am running to be a member of the Contract Committee because I believe I have the right combination of inquisitiveness, tenacity, and stubbornness needed to help us get the best possible contract.

      Outside of work I am quite active in the city—I volunteered with the Crisis Centre for several years and more recently as an organizer with the Vancouver Tenants Union. I also believe strongly in social justice and working to end inequality. And I am a strong union supporter and believe strong labour movement don’t just help those of us lucky enough to be in a union, but all workers.

      I am committed to doing everything I can to ensure everyone has an opportunity to voice their concerns. And I promise to take those concerns with me whenever we bargain. Negotiating would be a new experience for me, I admit, but one I would be proud to put my knowledge, skills, and experience towards to improve our lives and to strengthen our union.

  • Peggy Homan (Hiring Solutions)

    • With more than a decade of experience as a professional communicator, I bring strong communication skills gained through work experience in a variety of roles. I’ve worked for a range of employers, including the federal government, TELUS, and now UBC. As a member of UBC’s Hiring Solutions team, I have a dynamic perspective on the challenges faced by UBC’s workers, as I move from department to department, listening to and learning from our members along the way. All of this experience gives me a broad perspective and an ability to relate to workers in many different types of roles.

    • Among the strengths I’d bring to this role include: I’m a good negotiator, excellent listener and a fair-minded person who is committed to social justice. In my approach to negotiations, I work hard to represent the best interests of all members, rather than one particular group. I am deeply committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all workers. And I believe the key to that is providing a strong voice on behalf of those who are not at the table.

    • Above all, I would welcome the opportunity and deeply appreciate the privilege and responsibility of representing our members at the bargaining table. Thank you for considering me for this important role.

  • Julie Carlsten (Law)

    • I have been working at UBC for nearly 10 years, in the medicine and now in the Law department.I come from Europe where the roles of unions are very important.  I used to be the staff representative for the Gap in France and fought for employees. We all agree that the cost of living in Vancouver (lodging, gas, transit) can be challenging.

    • If elected as a member of your bargaining committee I would make sure that the employer hears our concerns.  T

    • he cost of transit is outrageous and some areas in the lower mainland do not even have adequate transit. I would ask the employer to participate into the cost of a transit pass. Alternatively, if you are living in an area that has no transit the employer should participate in the cost of parking for your car.

    • I would also encourage the employer to give us incentives on activities on campus; reduced price to the pool or any sporting activities (tennis, work out..)

    •  We get salary increases twice a year in Feb/April.  Can we have this spread out more evenly? Maybe once in Feb and once in June? Thank you again for choosing me.

As per the communications in September and October, the election will be at the November 22nd GMM.