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The Contract Committee:
• is comprised of the Chair (2nd Vice-President), 4 elected members, the Business Agent, President, and CUPE Staff Representative;
• the 4 members-at-large are elected 15 months prior to the expiry of the current Collective Agreement (to be revised). A call for nomination of committee members will commence 2 months prior to this election;
• is responsible for soliciting, researching and preparing a draft of proposals for negotiations to be debated and approved at one (or more as necessary) membership meetings;
• with the assistance of the Local’s Business Agent, Local’s President and CUPE Representative assigned to the Local, negotiates the Collective Agreement.

For more information, see Local By-laws Section 8 c (iii).


The current collective agreement expires March 31, 2022


Adam Huizinga (Chair) – Robson Square

Chloe Martin-Cabanne – CUPE 2950 President

Jaimie Miller  – Technical Services, Library

Hema Ratnasami – Biomedical Engineering

Christy McGregor – CUPE National Representative

Collective Bargaining FAQs

Collective Bargaining FAQs What is collective bargaining? Collective bargaining is the process of negotiations between the union and the employer to develop and maintain the collective agreement. Who bargains for CUPE 2950? The Contract Committee is made up of members who have been elected to the committee. Your 2019 Contract Committee is: Susanne Lester (Chair) …

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