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Executive Committee

The Local Executive Committee:

• includes all Officers except Trustees (see Article B.2.2 of CUPE Constitution);
• directs the affairs of the Local between GMMs and meets at least once per month. The Local Executive reports through the President to the membership and takes direction from the membership at special and regular GMMs (see Article B.3.14 of CUPE Constitution);

• takes such action and renders such decisions as may be necessary to carry out fully the decisions and instructions of the membership. The Local Executive ensures the Local’s funds are used only as authorized or directed by the Constitution, By-laws, or vote of the membership.

The Local Executive Committee is also responsible for the administration of the affairs and activities of the Local, and for developing policies and programs. Should any Local Executive member fail to attend 3 consecutive regular GMM or 3 consecutive regular Local Executive meetings without having submitted in writing good and sufficient cause acceptable to the Local Executive, her/his office will be declared vacant and be filled by an election at the following membership meeting (see Article B.2.5 of CUPE Constitution).

For more information, see Local By-Laws Section 7 & 8 c.


The Local Executive meets at least monthly at the call of the President or of any 4 members of the Local Executive. The quorum for business at any Local Executive meeting is a majority of Local Executive members. (See CUPE Constitution Article B.8.1)