GMM – JUne 30th- 12-2pm

The details for the next General Membership Meeting will be as follows:
Date: June 30, 2016
Just a reminder that our GMMs are on employer paid time (the two hours must include your regular lunch).
If you have any questions or comments please call the union office at 2×1494 or Karen directly at 2×1478.

Guest Speaker: David Eby, MLA Vancouver-Point Grey

  1. Roll Call of Officers
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Adoption of Minutes of April 21, 2016
  4. Business Arising from the Minutes:
  5. Nominations for CUPE Local 2950 Executive (2016- 2018):
      1. Recording Secretary
      2.  Diversity Committee Chair
      3. Communications Committee Chair
  6. Unfinished Business
  7. Executive Report – (Karen Ranalletta – President)
  8. Business Agent’s Report – (Frans van de Ven)
  9. Treasurer’s Report – (Sean Park)
  10. Committee Reports:
  • Chief Shop Steward – (Jaimie Miller)
  • Communications Committee
  • Contract Committee – (Susanne Lester – 2ndVP/Chair)
  • Education Committee (Maria Ho – Chair)
  • Grievance Committee (Harry Young – 1st VP/Chair)
  • Health and Safety Committee – (Richard Hare – Chair)
  1. New Business

Joint CUPE Locals Letter to the BoG re: Gupta’s Resignation

Dear members of CUPE 2950,

The Presidents of the three CUPE locals at UBC (2950, 116 and 2278) have sent a Joint CUPE Locals Letter to BoG re: Gupta’s Resignation to UBC Board of Governors Chair, John Montalbano calling on the BoG to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.

In solidarity,

Karen Ranalletta, President CUPE 2950

August 20, 2015

John Montalbano

Chair, UBC Board of Governors

6328 Memorial Road, Room 121
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2

Dear Mr. Montalbano,

We are the presidents of the three Canadian Union of Public Employee (CUPE) locals on campus. Local 2278 represents the Teaching Assistants, Markers and English Language Instructors, Local 2950 represents Library, Clerical and Theatre Workers and Local 116 represents Food Services, Building Operations, Research, Engineering and Animal Care Technicians, Dental Assistants, Campus Security, Housing, Custodians, Bookstore, Aquatic Centre and Graduate Student Society employees. Collectively, we serve over 7,000 UBC support staff.

We are writing to express our deep concern over the recent and abrupt resignation of Arvind Gupta as President of UBC and the subsequent media fallout surrounding this issue and others. The lack of transparency in this process raises serious questions about University governance and a shocking lack of concern for the reputation of this institution and its budget. The substantial expense of conducting a presidential search twice in the period of two years coupled with the total compensation packages for Dr. Gupta and Dr. Piper in a period of supposed austerity suggests a total disregard for interests of the UBC community.

The campus community took part in an extensive consultation process and we elected representatives to assist in choosing UBC’s new president. For Dr. Gupta to have emerged as the successful candidate only to be removed by the largely unelected Board of Governors thirteen months later without any explanation devalues the processes through which UBC chooses its leaders.

As the Chair of the Board of Governors of a publicly funded institution you have a responsibility to the broader community to ensure that UBC’s reputation is beyond reproach. The mysterious departure of our head has opened the door for rampant speculation that is taking a great toll on campus morale.

We are calling on you to resolve this situation as quickly as possible by clarifying the real reason for Dr. Gupta’s unexpected resignation thereby putting the rumour mill to rest and restoring UBC’s good name. Openness, transparency and effective communication are necessary pillars of a respected public educational institution and are values that UBC itself espouses. It is incumbent on the Board of Governors to obey these principles.


Colleen Garbe (116) Trish Everett-Kabut (2278) Karen Ranalletta (2950)

Memorandum of Agreement and New Wage Grid

The collective agreement has been ratified by both parties and took effect on Monday, July 6th.

Here is the full Memorandum of Agreement – CUPE 2950 and UBC – which outlines the changes to the contract, everything else not in the MOA stays the same.

The new wage grid is as follows:

The changes to the extended health benefits plan will take effect January 1, 2016 – we will post a summary of the changes soon.