Collective Bargaining FAQs

As we head into the negotiation of our collective agreement this fall  – we thought we’d post FAQs about collective bargaining between CUPE 2950 and UBC.  This is subject to change – if you have any other questions to add please contact the union office at

Collective Bargaining FAQs

What is collective bargaining?

  • Collective bargaining is the process of negotiations between the union and the employer to develop and maintain the collective agreement.


Who bargains for CUPE 2950?

  • The Contract Committee was elected in March 2014. The following people were elected to the committee:
    • Susanne Lester (Chair) – Humanities and Social Sciences, Library
    • Jaimie Miller – Technical Services, Library
    • Shehnaz Motani – Research Services
    • George Pereira – Chan Centre
    • Karen Ranalletta – President, CUPE 2950
      • Frans van de Ven – Business Agent, CUPE 2950 – spokesperson**
      • Ross Idler, CUPE National Servicing Rep – resource**
        • **denotes voice no vote**


Who bargains for UBC?

  • The University’s bargaining committee is:
    • Maynard Witvoet – Employee Relations Manager
    • Joanne Young – Financial Services
    • Emily Kompauer – Library
    • Cam McGill – Chan Centre
    • Amy Stanley – Medicine

How and where can I get information about bargaining?

  • To get information on CUPE 2950 bargaining, please follow the website. We will also send bargaining bulletins out via email.
  • To follow bargaining of our sisters and brothers in other CUPE locals please visit


When is the union going to meet with the University?

  • The following dates have been scheduled and are subject to change:
    • November 3
    • November 17
    • November 21
    • December 1

What are the proposals?

  • The proposals were voted on by the membership on September 25th. They will be posted after the committee meets with UBC to exchange proposals on November 3rd.


Our collective agreement is expired. What does that mean?

  • The collective agreement stays active until the next one is negotiated.


When do we vote on the contract?

  • All members of CUPE 2950 are eligible to vote on the memorandum of agreement. The committee will present their recommendation at a membership or a special meeting.
  • Members who work off site will have the option to vote at mobile polling stations.


Who is PSEC?

  • The Public Sector Employer’s Council falls under the Ministry of Finance. The Public Sector Employers’ Council (PSEC) supports government in setting and coordinating strategic directions in human resource management and labour relations for the broad public sector.
  • They have to approve UBC’s proposals and contract before it goes to the Board of Governors for approval.


Will we go on strike?

  • The members decide whether we go on strike or not.
  • A strike vote is when the membership authorizes the union to take job action. In BC, the union has to give the employer 72 hours notice of job action and we have 90 days to invoke some sort of job action after the strike vote is taken.
  • Your 2014 nominees for the Job Action Committee are:
    • Nancy Forhan – Applied Science
    • Patricia Fraser – Sauder
    • Brian Broom – Medicine – VGH
    • Hollie Griffin – Financial Services


Steps for Collective Bargaining

  • Election of Contract Chair (November 2013)
  • Election of bargaining committee (March 2014)
  • Contract committee presents and recommends concept proposals to the membership (September GMM)
  • Membership votes on contract proposals – approved unanimously at September GMM
  • CUPE 2950 and UBC exchange proposals
  • Both parties continue to meet – this constitutes bargaining
  • Once the parties agree, the memorandum of agreement is sent to government for final approval, the union then takes the agreement to the membership and it’s voted on.

Welcome Back BBQ 2014!

Last Wednesday was a beautiful day for the annual UBC Welcome Back BBQ – and props to all those who came by and whispered our password “solidarity” to receive a CUPE 2950 lapel pin.

Thank you to those who had their pictures taken to show that UBC works because WE do! The winner of the CUPE BC hoodie will be announced at the General Membership meeting on September 25th.

The faces of CUPE 2950 are as diverse as the campus we serve as seen in this gallery and thank you to all who stopped by to say hello!

Andrea Coutts & Megan Campbell

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General Membership Meeting – September 25, 2014

The details for the next General Membership Meeting will be as follows:

Just a reminder that our GMMs are on employer paid time (the two hours must include your regular lunch).

If you have any questions or comments please call the union office at 2×1494 or Karen directly at 2×1478.


  1. Roll Call of Officers
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Adoption of Minutes of September 25, 2014
  4. Business Arising from the Minutes:
  1. Nominations for CUPE Local 2950 Executive (2014 – 2015):
    1. 1st VP/Grievance Chair
    2. Education Committee Chair
    3. Treasurer
    4.  Diversity Committee Chair
    5. 1 Sergeant-at-Arms
    6. Trustee position ending Dec. 31/16 – Danny Wong, nominated)
  2. Unfinished Business
  3. Executive Report – (Karen Ranalletta – President)
  4. Business Agent’s Report – (Frans van de Ven)
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6.  Committee Reports:
  • Chief Shop Steward – (Jaimie Miller)
  • Communications Committee – (Kevin Shillitto – Chair [on leave])
  • Contract Committee – (Susanne Lester – 2nd VP/Chair)
  • Education Committee
  • Grievance Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee – (Richard Hare – Chair)

10.       New Business:

  • Report from National Sector Council Conference
  • Close nominations for Job Action Committee:
    • Nancy Forhan
    • Patricia Fraser
    • Hollie Griffin
    • Brian Broom
  • Close nominations for the BC Federation of Labour Convention – November 24-28th, Vancouver Convention Centre:
    • Brian Broom
    • Susanne Lester
    • Meghan Phillips
    • Shehnaz Motani
    • Rey Astronomo
    • Lynn Pedro
    • Hollie Griffin


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