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Job Evaluation


The Job Evaluation Committee:
• is responsible for the maintenance of the Job Evaluation Plan and Appeals associated with the plan;
• educates and make recommendations to members on job classification issues.

For more information, see Local By-laws Section 8 c (viii).

Members are STRONGLY ADVISED to consult with the Committee before submitting either a request for re-evaluation or appeal.

The JE Committee advises members on job evaluation issues. They participate on Joint Job Evaluation Appeal Panels, help prepare for bargaining and present cases to the Job Evaluation umpire.


Vacant (Chair)

Kimberly Wallace

Chloe Martin-Cabanne

Contact; or 604-822-1494



March 5, 2024:

Job Reclassification Process
By Bipin Dcruz
A job reclassification occurs when job duties, responsibilities, and required qualifications of a position are re- evaluated and the position is assigned a new higher-level title that may also warrant a higher rate of pay. If you feel like you are performing duties out of your job description and you are confident you are eligible for a reclassification, please follow the Job Reclassification Process linked below. With thanks to Kim Wallace (Job Evaluation Committee), Chloe Martin-Cabanne (President) and Ross Idler (Business Agent) for their work on this project.

Job Reclassification Process Document

Join the Job Evaluation Committee
The Job Evaluation Committee is committed to providing our membership with guidance and assistance in the both the preparation of job reclassification requests and for appeals of reclassification decisions made by HR. 

Being on the Committee educates its members on the job reclassification process, its nuances and allows us to strengthen our membership through our advocacy. 

We realize that everyone has busy jobs. If you decide to participate in the Job Evaluation Committee, we can work with you to find a role that fits within your work schedule.  

The Job Evaluation Committee would like to recruit at least 5 new members. This would enable the Committee to promptly and knowledgably respond to member inquiries, issues and appeals. 

Consider becoming a member of the Job Evaluation Committee and give back to your CUPE colleagues and strengthen us as a family. 

Interested? Contact


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