CUPE 2950 Sustainable Transportation Initiative Pilot Project

We are pleased to announce the start of the Sustainable Transportation Initiative Pilot Project for CUPE 2950 members. Flowing from the last round of bargaining, the Union and the University signed a Letter of Agreement (LoA) #8 (below), which established a joint committee to develop and implement a pilot program to support sustainable transportation initiatives aimed at reducing commuting costs for as many CUPE 2950 members as possible, focusing on those who need it the most.

Starting in October 2023, a Discounted Transit Pass Program will be offered to eligible members to support the use of transit to get to and from work. Eligible members include continuing and temporary employees in pay grades 1 to 6 of the Main Component of the CUPE 2950 Collective Agreement. The program will provide eligible members a 50% discount on a monthly transit pass for zone 1, 2 or 3 passes based on their residential location.

To find out more about the pilot follow the link here; CUPE 2950 Sustainable Transportation Initiative Pilot Info Package -FINAL.pdf ( – it’s important to read this package before applying.

January 2024 – Read an important update from the STIPP committee: 2024 Update – Sustainable Transportation Initiative Pilot Program  » CUPE 2950