2024 Update – Sustainable Transportation Initiative Pilot Program 

Hi All, 

It has been brought to the Sustainable Transportation Committee’s attention that there is frustration around the implementation of the Sustainable Transportation Initiative Pilot Program (STIPP).  We appreciate your patience as we manage the rollout of this brand-new program to provide eligible CUPE 2950 members with 50% reimbursements on their monthly Compass Cards. For Human Resources, processes have to be set-up from scratch in Workday and tested for each group of employees before implementation. There are a number of technical challenges arising from the diversity of roles within our membership. We share your concerns about the timeline to implement the benefit and have discussed this with the Employer. Our committee understands we will need to provide more updates to ourmembers regarding the progress of this program. Please find the details below: 

Allocated Funding: $75,000/per year starting in 2023 


Phase 1 (Completed) 

  • Enrollment was opened up to eligible employees in Pay Grade 1-3 for October 2023. As of December 2023, ~13% of eligible employees in this group have enrolled.  
  • Human Resources implementation unsuccessful for Hiring Solution and Chan Centre employees as challenges arising due to multiple assignments in Workday or varying hours worked. 

Phase 2 (In Progress) 

  • Low enrollment in Phase 1, so funding still available. As of January 2024, Human Resources are finalizing the process for implementation of program in Workday for employees in Pay Grades 4 to 6. Potentially 500 employees will be eligible from this group. Union awaiting confirmation on enrollment date. 
  • Human resources still testing workaround in Workday for Hiring Solutions & Chan Centre. 

Phase 3 (Not Yet Started) 

  • Sustainable Transportation Committee will review enrollment numbers from Phase 1 & 2. If funding is available then Human Resources will test implementation in Workday for employees in Pay Grade 7 to 10. 

Phase 4 (Not Yet Started) 

  • Evaluation of the program including survey to membership about their experience that culminates in a report for the new round of bargaining. Subject to change.  

Questions Or Concerns: 

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To find out more about the pilot follow the link here; CUPE 2950 Sustainable Transportation Initiative Pilot Info Package -FINAL.pdf (ubc.ca)


The Sustainable Transportation Committee