CUPE 2950 is supporting the United Way Period Promise Campaign

Hello CUPE 2950 Members!

You may have heard that CUPE 2950 is once again participating in the United Way Period Promise Campaign, presented by Pacific Blue Cross in partnership with CUPE 1816.

What is Period Promise? Periods are a fact of life. If you are living in poverty – or otherwise vulnerable – accessing necessary menstrual products can be challenging. And financial pressures have only continued to increase vulnerability. Too many people miss out on social events when they have their period (things like accessing the library or the pool, or missing days of work) because the risk of entering a public space without the products they need is too great. Not having the menstrual products needed puts limits on life and can make staying connected to the community difficult. But when people have access to menstrual products, it improves their health and wellbeing, gives back dignity, and makes it possible for them to stay engaged in their community.

Joining United Way’s Period Promise campaign is one way we can help build healthy, caring, and inclusive communities. Running a collection campaign or donating is a quick way to make a significant difference! Let’s help ensure that everyone can live with the dignity we all deserve. We will be running our Period Promise campaign from May 1 to May 31, 2024. Throughout the month of May, we will be collecting period products in the office; please drop them off in the box at Basement, Mary Bollert Hall, 6253 NW Marine Drive, Monday-Friday through May between 8:30am-4:30pm. You can also give financially, if you prefer, by clicking on our online giving page here.

Campaign runs May 1-31, 2024.